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Compare Prices provides you with all the right solutions right at your home. Compare Prices not only finds you the best deals and prices but also redirects you to their website making it the best destination for all the e-buyers.

About the Compare Prices App:

Hola, riders! Time to change your cab booking apps with a one-stop solution. Eliminate the burden of checking the prices on different applications to know the best fair prices for your rides. Compare Prices provides you with the comparison of fair prices between Uber and Ola.

It fetches your location or you can choose the pick-up location, select your drop location. Compare Prices will provide you with the fair list of all the ride types such as pool/share, micro, mini etc. Compare Prices does not only provide you with the price list but also lets you book your ride without having downloaded Uber or Ola. Booking the cabs has become easy with the help of Compare Prices.

This is not all about our mobile application as all the services available on our web app will soon be available on our mobile application as well.

What’s Cooking?

Get along with Compare Prices to get the best deals and prices as strive to become the one-stop solution for all the e-buyers. We are working on adding more services on our website and application. The next features we are going to add to our website are the Food section and Grocery section.

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